shawskankredemption said:FUCCCCCCVVCKKQKKQKQKQ

yet u didnt even reblog the post.. i guess u just dont care enough….

also gus was always kissing max's knuckles and pulling out chairs for him and bringing him anniversary/birthday flowers and opening car doors like some kind of disgusting gallant disney prince... mostly kissing his knuckles

sometimes gus woke in a cold sweat from nightmares about a terrible monster and reached over to what had once been max's side of the bed for reassurance only to remember that max was long dead and realize that gus himself was the monster in his dreams... please share if you cry every time, it won't make your blog ugly to show your sympathy for gustavo fring and evil gay widowers everywhere xoxo

reblog or u have NO HEART


everything is going to be okay.

middle-aged max struggling with erectile dysfunction but swallowing his pride and asking for an rx for cialis or what the fuck ever anyway because even after 35 years with gus he still wants to hit that so bad he's willing to cough up $30 a month in copays to make it happen... okay that's all bye

max and gus' spooning and watching house of cards and gus really over-identifying with frank and high-fiving the fuck out of max like "eyyyyyyyyy" during the threechum scene

gus and max kicking everyone's ass at their neighborhood potlucks... gus gets really competitive, and max tries to protest that you can't win a potluck, but gus def doesn't agree and truth be told, max doesn't really either.

gus is def best frenemies with a soccer mom on their block and he fucking hates her and the nasty chicken pot pie biscuits she brings to literally every get-together and max tries to make him relax about it but gus just stares at her w those glassy eyes full of hatred like "oh, linda, hi!" whenever they end up at the same party and it's all rlly awkward for poor max

idk if you've seen this one but gustavo fring looking at young max's shapely butt and thick arms like "nice 😏," gustavo fring looking at middle-aged max's beer gut and receding hairline like "nice 😏" gustavo fring looking at elderly max's liver spots and the weird hair growing out of his ears like "nice 😏"