just because you shot Jesse James
Gus: I hide in plain sight, just like you.
Walt: I have tremendous respect for your strategy.
Walt: [sets a car on fire]
Walt: [gets drunk, tells Hank that Heisenberg's still out there]
Walt: [crashes his car outside the meth lab]
Walt: [bombs a nursing home]
Walt: [leaves incriminating evidence lying around the house]
Walt: [tells Skyler about the super secret train robbery]
Walt: [shoots Mike in a fit of pique]
Walt: I am Gus Fring's true successor

brba/spongebob crossover au idea:
gus sings the “this grill is not a home without you” song about max

once gus took max to his family's new vineyard/summer home outside of santiago when general and mrs. fring were abroad, before they had really started forming their drug empire plans. it was unusually cool for spring, and they sat out on the covered terrace wrapped in blankets, laughing and kissing and drinking too much carmenere, listening to the rain. gus put his head in max's lap and fell asleep, and in his later years, he would often wish he had lived just till then, and not one second more.


rain-upon-the-moon said: the heavens open and it starts to rain even tho its the desert as they run to each other & notebook kiss


ok bu t i cant stop thinking abt that headcanon somebody sent me where max didnt really die in hermanos n don eladio just tricked gus into believing max was dead lik e…can u imagine Salud……..gus seeing max for the first time in 20 years, realizing that the guy hed loved with his entire fuckin life was still alive…oh god im gonna puke….Hardcore Mastermind gus fring breaking down and maybe even crying and kissing the heck out of max …. goodbye cruel earth

think about gus and max coloring with crayons with brock


think abt gus and/or max wearing a tiny plump bb brock in a baby carrier on their chest

ashley.. i hate u

Movie night where Gus lays with his head on Maxs lap

au where max doesn't actually die, don eladio instead made gus think he killed him and force max to cook for him. after years gus goes to kill don eladio and his men and he finds max

u mother…u motherfucker now im going to be 4ever b\itter that thIS ISNT CANON HOLLY FUck GOO

#death  #violence #drugs

Imagine Max getting sick and Gus throws himself into pampering max 24/7 until he's better

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